April 18 Feature Mirror

09 April 2018 | General


Silver Textured Circle

This hand finished circular mirror has a distinctly modern style with a collage of raised sculpted textures across a chamfered panel profile. 

Selectively hand gilded in silver leaf with subtle charcoal and light grey clays and traces of holographic leaf, giving a vibrant, iridescent shimmer to the surface of the texture.


Dimentions & Retail ex vat

3 FT / £1,140

4 FT / £1,660

5 FT / £2,350

*othersizes available and can be made to bespoke dimensions if required

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Lets Talk...


At Joseph McCarthy we pride ourselves on being able to offer something that is totally unique.

Because of the hand finished nature of our framework we are able to tailor our finishes to your individual needs.

 Below are some examples of variations of our recent finishes...


Inspired by the abstract expressionism movement, this highly textural finish uses pools of layered chalk to create a tactile, undulating surface.

Natural stone tones and subtle flecks of silver and gold holographic leaf complete the effect.


This dynamic texture gives the appearance of 'movement' on this vibrant finish.

The finely detailed surface has been polished with chalk and charcoal tones 


Layered texture with ridges and grooves that track across the width of this panel profile.

Hand gilded in silver leaf with warm platinum tones, contrasted with dark charcoal. 


Carefully layered, riven slate textures create moon-like craters across the surface of this panel profile.

Soft pastel blues blended with graphite tones accentuate the contours of the finish.